My Life Card Plan SFQ Explanatory
Last Will & Testament Package

Submitting this Questionnaire will serve to auto-merge your data entries on the electronic template formats used to generate your Will Package documents.  Of course, it is important to make accurate, correctly spelled entries as the data you enter is correspondingly used to generate your documents.  However, with access to your Client Console, you will be able to freely add or edit data later (other than your name) at any time, and resubmit for your updated documents.

Your self-generated documents will be presented to you digitally through your Client Console in a PDF format, which you can ESIGN (electronically) and/or print out to sign.  If you wish to have your completed documents shipped to you in a 3-ring binder, click on that line order item in the Questionnaire now or later, if you prefer, through your Client Console.

Married Couples.  If you are submitting the Questionnaire as a married couple, your spouse will be deemed to be the primary executor of your estate (if surviving you) and also your first agent to serve concerning your financial power of attorney document.  Additionally, your spouse will also be deemed as your first (default) health care agent.  The agent or agents you should name in the "Proposed Health Care Agents" entry fields would then be, in such case, the alternate agents to your spouse if your spouse is unable to serve.

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