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For access to your personal Client Console, fill in the text boxes on this page with the appropriate information:

  • Your last name must be entered as it was recorded (including suffixes, if any) in your Client Data Questionnaire (CDQ) file.
  • Your ID Number is the six-digit Client ID No. as shown on your Client Agreement form (refer to the Email Notification sent to you).
  • The email address entry must be the same as your personal email address currently listed in your CDQ.
  • Enter a password (create/verify) of your choice which will be case sensitive (for login purposes) and must contain a minimum of seven (7) characters with at least one upper-case & one lower-case letter and one number.

When finished with your entries, click on the "Register" button to complete.  Your browser will be sent directly to your Client Console.  Once in, please take a few minutes to review the Console Overview page to familiarize yourself with the features, dynamics and conveniences of your Client Console.