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Welcome to the My LifeCard Plan® (MLCP) processing platform. A revolutionary and exclusive estate planning (w/medical preparedness) system has finally been designed to put you, the client/user, in COMPLETE CONTROL! The MLCP integration is not only safe and convenient but also provides powerful processing dynamics on demand at your keyboard, 24/7. The foundation used to support MLCP comes from designing/generating proven estate planning applications through Integrated Trust Systems, our original back-office processing company, since 1985. The MLCP platform also helps support regulatory service requirements through strategic CORPORATE TRUSTEE partnerships under Nevada law. Choosing inexperienced and uninformed family members to perform the duties and meet the obligations required of a successor trustee can be problematic; a registered corporate trustee, operating under entity-regulated fiduciary standards with an infinite existence, is the solution.

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My LifeCard Plan® (MLCP) Product Offerings w/Storage Account

The MLCP / Dynamic Trust Portfolio™ offer includes two separate applications for both the sole-creator and co-creator plans. Both formats are supported and maintained by respective MLCP Membership Subscriptions w/Storage & Access Accounts. The Dynamic Trust Portfolio can be reviewed in demonstration mode – Try Before You Buy – which allows you to evaluate everything before making a purchase decision.


There is no better way to learn about our revolutionary estate planning system than to TRY IT OUT for yourself using your own password-protected MLCP / Dynamic Trust Portfolio Client Console.  You will experience how our easy-to-use dynamics can work for you.  You will also see how your personalized documents look and read (and print, if you wish), which you can modify IN JUST MINUTES AND AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE!  To begin your complimentary "Try Before You Buy" session, simply activate the Dynamic Trust Portfolio button listed below.

Health Care Document Set
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Living Wills (Statutory & "Pro Life")
  • Electronic Advance Medical Directive
  • HIPAA Medical Privacy Statement
  • Durable Agent Notices (for Health Care)
  • Electronic Signature Dynamics (ESIGN)

Create and maintain personal
Medical Directives online.
Will, DPOA & Med/Directive Package
  • Electronic Advance Medical Directive
  • Durable Power(s) of Attorney Over Assets
  • Durable Agent Notice(s) for Financial DPA
  • Last Will & Testament / Stand Alone Will(s)
  • Electronic "Type-in-Text" App for Custom Drafting
  • Electronic Signature Dynamics (ESIGN)

Dynamic Trust Portfolio
  • Electronic Advance Medical Directive
  • Dynamic Revocable Living Trust
  • Custom Trust Directives Table
  • Certificate of Trust / Parts I & II
  • Supplemental Admin Documents
  • Electronic Funding Kit w/ESIGN
  • Electronic Custom-Drafting Apps
  • Electronic Signature/Implementation
  • Utilization of Nevada Trust Law

Establish your eState Plan from
the comfort of your own home.

Our lead programmer utilizes
superior programming dynamics.


Legal Protocol
Privacy Notice
See what the principal of
a nationally recognized
law firm has to say –
"I have worked with Gary [Loftsgard] (ITS President) for several years, and can say that my experience with him and his team have been exceptional!  From the quality of the work to the professionalism of the staff and web-based interface the work is second to none.  My clients rely on me to provide superior service and I rely on Gary.  Thank you Gary, keep up the fantastic work!"

Attorney Douglass Lodmell, LLM
Lodmell & Lodmell, PC (Arizona)
Author / "Lawsuit Lottery"

From a CEO of a practice
management company
for Urgent Care Centers –
"I believe that your online (MLCP) service could be of significant value to a patient in a real-life emergency situation.
Time seems to fly in an emergency room where the staff can often spend valuable time trying to locate the patient's family and/or to verify applicable documentation such as a Medical Health Care Power.  During that time, the patient's condition may deteriorate significantly, which can turn a sub-acute situation into an acute emergency.  My LifeCard Plan is providing a valuable service in the best interests of these patients by offering physicians secured-access availability of online Health Care Directives at the touch of a computer key."

Dr. David E. Stern, CEO
Practice Velocity

From an attorney in the
Integrated Trust Systems
Network Registry –
"The professionalism dem- onstrated by Gary Loftsgard and his team are second to none, and the documents produced by the ITS system are extremely comprehen- sive & of very high quality."

Attorney John Crawford
(Florida and Georgia)
Board Certified-Taxation
Florida State Bar