New Attorney Registration

Welcome to the MCLP Attorney Registration portal. After you have registered, your contact information - including your Transaction Fee amount - can be viewable though a hyperlink in the "Share Console" section of the MLPC Client Console. Your information will be accessible SPECIFICALLY to the client who was brought to MLCP by a "Associate Advisor" who previously arranged for you to provide legal counsel (relative to the MLCP platform services) for his/her clients.

When your posted Transaction Fee is "bundled" in the transaction, which can be opted by the client when ordering the MLCP placement documents and services, we will pay you accordingly so that you will not need to separately invoice the client. However, you must include your bank routing and account number in your registration page so that we can electronically deposit your transactional legal fee to your account. Please note that we do not pay attorney transaction fees by a bank draft as fees are paid only by electronic deposits.

To gain entrance to the MLCP Attorney Registration database, you will first need to enter and record a personal reference number referred to as the Attorney Registration Number (ARN). Your personal ARN must be the last five (5) digits of your (domicile) State Bar number, preceded by your state-of-domicile abbreviation (in uppercase letters), which is a combination comprised of seven (7) letters/digits. (For example, if you were domiciled and licensed to practice law in California, your ARN should resemble something like CA50958). Please enter your personal ARN below:

Passwords must be at least seven (7) characters long and must contain at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, and one number.  Please enter your password below in both boxes: